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Jennifer O'Donnell gets. stuff. done.
w h o.  w h a t.  w h e n.  w h e r e.  w h y (  n o t ? )
Hey! Thanks for your curiosity! Cut.Paste.Love is a singly run, teensie tiny little art business run by me, Jennifer O'Donnell, located in Somerville, MA. For 6 years, CPL has been delighting clients with it's charming, thoughtful and painfully (ha) unique style.

I have been making greeting cards for as long as I can remember. When I was seven, I made a Christmas card for every single person in my family (there are over 30 of us), each one customized to the individual in content and style. Even though I forgot to bring them to dinner that evening (haha), I was thrilled to have come across them over 15 years later, proving that I have loved to make little sweetness for people since I was tiny. Fast-forward 22 years and here I am: So appreciative that I've been given a myriad opportunities to create beautiful and lasting things for people who are looking to pass on the same sweet sentiment and I look forward to helping you with yours!

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...just a few friends/local artists/small business owners I love, respect, and by whom I'm oh-so-frequently humbled!
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