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Welcome January!

by Jen O'Donnell on 01/12/13

Well, the calendar is filling up here at Cut.Paste.LOVE, and I feel so fortunate for the ability to create all of these beautiful, evocative and wildly varying projects! From nursery murals & restaurant make-overs to hand-carved thank you cards and logo designs for local farms, I am so thankful & humbled to be part of every project. They enable me to grow as an artist, push limits I never knew I had, keep me organized and spread the love I have for making people feel good. I honestly can't think of anything better than that! *swooning*

Knowing that the next few weeks would be a bit hectic, and that I'd have a little extra spending money, I decided that I would treat myself and purchase a couple of fun reference books that would further assist me in my small business, give me pointers and be something that I could share with friends looking to follow a similar creative path.  I'm looking at you Monster Sweetheart!

Here are the books I found: CREATIVE, INC. The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business by Meg Mateo Ilasco & GROW YOUR HANDMADE BUSINESS by Kari Chapin.

I can't want to get my nose into these fine, fine publications and to spread my little bits of wisdom with all of you through *fingers crossed* Cut.Paste.LOVE's awesome success (& world domination!)

with love <3

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